“How to” Persona

First of all, personas are fictional characters “a projection of user or consumer” which are ideally created based on real characters which use our designed application.

Why use Persona?


Ensuring the design of an application is created for the user, its consumer.
otherwise the final design probably will only suit on you and feels messy to others.

How to create a good persona?

  • User research
    you will need to have real data. creating a survey on people which would like to use your application.
    These surveys tend to ask the user how they would like to do our application, what are the main difficulties, tasks, and also goal on using an application.what are the simplest and effective designs for them to use our application, or even how are the themes affect the application.
  • Data Analysis
    Analyzing from the data you have, you will see the pattern of the users that use the application, you can see what users want, expect from that application, we as a developer can use these analytical data to see the highlights of our design or even sometimes gaps that we didn’t know we had.
  • Creating Persona
    In this step you will harmonize the data available to create a fictional character based on those data simply by grouping the data available. The personas made will contain images, thoughts of actual people but fictionated, this is important as we can gain more empathy by creating as realistic as humans.

Persona impacts on our ongoing project

Based on our logbook project that is currently ongoing we proceed to create personas that are based on the user that will be going to use the application.

In this example this persona is based on a student that will use our app to log their daily schedule and also their difficulties, tasks, and also goal on using our application.

In this persona provided we can assume that students wanted something to simplify their logbook activities whether it is asking for the lecturer approval of the log or even a portable log that can be accessed easily.

Therefore, we as a developer of the application can prioritize the user goal, frustrations and create a better app based on the data provided from a persona created. Even though deemed unnecessary persona’s images, personification of it also help us to get more empathy and that is the goal of creating the perfect personas to help us on developing the application

Thank you for reading this article,
These are the experience I have on handling personas personally and would be happy if you atleast get something out of it.




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